Super Turbo Calendar

Super Turbo Calendar

Super Turbo calendar of tournaments and events from the USA, Japan, Canada and Europe. If you have a event or tournament or know of one that you would like to see added to the calendar, notify us through the contact page and we’ll be happy to add it.

Arkadeum (Sergjiev) presents Monday Night Fightcade, a weekly tournament series held every Monday night at 7PM PST. MonGoloRobokop, and DBostick regularly streams Super Turbo matches and online tournaments on Fightcade.

The Japanese event calendar is provided courtesy of T. Akiba.

US & European Events Calendar

  • US Events
  • Online Streams
  • Canadian Events
  • UK Events

T. Akiba’s Japanese Events Calendar – スト2大会等情報(必ず公式サイト等で確認してください!)