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Frosty Faustings “High Roller” ST Tournament – January 28th

Frosty Faustings “High Roller” ST Tournament will be taking place on January 28th, 2017. The entry fee is $20 and the tournament will be streamed by Atari on his TwitchTV channel:

Date:January 28, 2017
Time:10AM PST / 12PM CST / 1PM EST
Location:Chicago, IL
Entry Fee:$20
Rules:Double Elimination | 2 out of 3 games – 3 out of 5 games for WF/LF/GF
Hardware:UD-CPS2 & Supergun
Website:Frosty Faustings Website
Facebook Event Page:Frosty Faustings FB Event Page
Brackets:Frosty Faustings Brackets