Now in its 19th year of competition, the original arcade game that birthed competitive fighting games, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, returns to EVO for 2013!
Last year, The TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS created unprecedented success and attention for the venerable arcade fighter that birthed competitive fighting games. World Warriors from around the globe attended major after major, culminating in a Saturday night, EVO-stage showdown between two of Japan’s top Grand Masters, watched by over 28,000 viewers on the main EVO stream.
Riding this wave of success into 2013, the ST Revival Committee unveiled “THE ST GAMES”. An Olympic-style competition that has woven a path of destruction at majors across the country and will now culminate at EVO 2013, in July at the Paris in Las Vegas, NV!
The ST GAMES at EVO will consist of the following four distinct, individual events:
  • Event #1: CHARACTER LOCK TOURNAMENT:  Choose your one true World Warrior, through thick and thin, in good times and in bad.
  • Event #2: RATIO TOURNAMENT: Each character has been assigned a point value based on their strength and each player has seven points to carefully create their perfect team from the entire ST cast.
  • Event #3: 3 VS 3 TEAM TOURNAMENT: The quintessential, classic ST team event with 3-man teams! 
  • Event #4: THE GRAND FINALE:  The traditional US tournament format where the loser of each round can re-select which character they want to use. 
The winner of each individual event will be a champion. But only one player will emerge with the highest overall ST GAMES points total to become THE ST GAMES GRAND CHAMPION!