With this new year, we bring you a new ToL!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, we have listened to popular demand, and are happy to announce that we have made big plans to run another TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS! We’re very excited to announce TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III, which will build on the worldwide success of the previous ToLs, held in 2012 and 2014. These events were preceded by qualifier events all around the globe, and that will once again be the case with ToL III.

As you’ve seen in the last couple years, big things have happened in ST at Canada Cup, and to build on that, the Super Turbo Revival Committee has decided to run ToL III at Canada Cup 2018. Rest assured that the committee is working hard to make the third installment of TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS bigger than ever.

Once again, there will be 32 spots for the tournament, the bulk of which will go to qualifiers, with the remaining spots being assigned to Japanese invites. Qualifiers will be held in the US, Canada, France, and the UK, and we have several already locked in, with more to be announced in due course. There will also be a number of last-chance qualifier spots up for grabs at Canada Cup.

Visit the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III page for more information about ToLIII.

Stay tuned to NHC, Twitter, and for the latest updates and announcements, and we hope to see you at ToL III.

Interview section is back up!

The ST Revival interview section is back up on the site.  These interviews feature many old school American greats such as Shirts, Zass, Jumpsuit Jesse.  Some “newer” players such as AfroLegends, Damdai, DGV, eltrouble, Riz0ne, and Shotosallday.  Also Wolmar from Europe, and Japanese legends such as Kusumondo, Otochun, and Aniken.

ST Revival Fourms!

We’ve just launched an ST forum here on ST Revival! Social media has taken over the majority of the ST discussion these days however one of the huge drawbacks is that those discussions become very inaccessible with in a short amount of time. These forums are not meant to replace those discussions but rather to supplement the ST community so that informational discussions can be archived here and be easily accessed for future reference.

So come on in, register, discuss and enjoy!

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STR Site Redesign

Hey everyone,

The STR site is being redesigned but I wanted to get the site back up ASAP. Most of the sections aren’t back up yet but the News, Calendar, About, and Contact pages are back up. The other sections will slowly be back up in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to the new ST Revival site!

Welcome to the debut of the ST Revival website.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’re very happy to finally have it up.

We look forward to a long and eventful journey ahead, and we’ve got big plans for those tomorrows that stretch out before us.

With some hard work and dedication, hopefully this site and the ST Revival itself can grow to become an accurate reflection of the wonderful world of Super Turbo and the passion and excitement we all find in this great game.

Here’s to a bold start and the long and rewarding road ahead,

The ST Revival Team