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Omnislash, TMF, Mattsun win X-Mania Europe 4!

Team  Sertiart3 (Omnislash, TMF, Mattsun) win X-Mania Europe 4, defeating Team UK (Relinquished, Kaosflare, ORF) in the Grand Finals!


1st – Team Sertiart3 (Omnislash, TMF, Mattsun)
2nd – Team UK (Relinquished, Kaosflare, ORF)
3rd – Team Les malades (Ukyo, Jago, MAX31)
4th – Team Casseur Flotteur

Mattsun wins X-Mania Europe 3on3 Solo!

Mattsun wins X-Mania Europe 3on3 Solo by defeating TMF in the grand finals!  TMF was knocked into the loser’s bracket in his first match by MAX31  in the top 8 but battled back to the finals by defeating Kouni, ORF, then running it back against MAX31 and defeating Abdel to face Mattsun. TMF took the set 3-0 against Mattsun and reset the bracket but Mattsun came back strong winning the final set 3-0.  Congratulations to Mattsun!

X-Mania Europe 4 (3 vs 3 team battle) will take place at the main event.


1st – Mattsun
2nd – TMF
3rd – Abdel
4th – MAX31
5th – ORF
7th – Kouni
7th – Wovou


Yoko Shimomura Discusses Her Work on Street Fighter II Music

Yoko Shimomura’s comical tone for Street Fighter II didn’t fit the normal Capcom style, but her decision to re-imagine the music of each character’s country helped make its soundtrack iconic.  Check out Episode three in this series exploring Japanese Video Game music from Red Bull Music Acadamy.

You can find the original article and previous episodes here.  Also, you can find a more in-depth interview with her here.


MAX31 Wins X-Mania Europe Solo!

MAX31 surprises everyone by winning X-Mania Europe Solo.  Max got a lucky break by avoiding Mattsun and ORF in the bracket but defeated TMF in both Winners Finals and Grand Finals.  A little bit of controversy with Mattsun playing TMF in round two of the Winner’s Bracket?  Anyway, congratulations to Max!

Tomorrow will be the X-Mania Europe 3on3 Top 8 and the X-Mania 3vs3 Tournament.  Stream will be at



1st – MAX31 (Cammy)
2nd – TMF (Zangief)
3rd – ORF (Ryu)
4th – Mattsun (Ken)
5th – Ukyo (Dee Jay)
5th – Wolmar (Dhalsim)
7th – Abdel
7th – Isimorn (Claw)


X-Mania Europe 4 is this weekend

X-Mania Europe will be starting tonight/tomorrow morning at 11AM France Time / 2AM PST / 5AM EST

Stream link:

A list of the participants can be found on the X-Mania Europe page:


Watch live video from SWGA_maho on