About ST Revival

About ST Revival

About the Super Turbo Revival members
STR running an event at Super Arcade
The ST Revival crew hard at work at EVO 2012
The ST Revival group is dedicated to preserving and promoting a generation of Super Street Fighter II Turbo competition, across the U.S. and worldwide.
Super Turbo Revival

Our goal is to foster Super Turbo competition everywhere. We don’t do it for money, or attention, but for the love of the game. ST has the timeless, intangible qualities which enable those rare pieces of entertainment that live on and evolve years after its release, thanks to those who love them.

While we lead the charge by organizing, running and broadcasting these ST events, the players who remain hungry and compete time after time in city after city are the true heart of the community. As always, we’d like to thank the Fighting-Game Community tournament organizers across the globe for their cooperation and support to run Super Turbo at their venues. And the fans worldwide who continue to provide their support and share their excitement for the game.  And special thanks to Armando, Bernie, James Chen, damdai, Delatroy, Chris Li, MillerTime, pof, Sabin, Undamned, Alex Valle, Mike Watson, Mr. Wizard, Tom & Tony Cannon, and anyone else who has helped out throughout the years that we may have forgotten. You can read more about our team below.



Bob “kuroppi” Painter is one of the first generation of Street Fighter players still invovled in the scene today. Known for his yellow E. Honda, he has competed in various tournaments over the years from the a.g.sf2 days, EVO, and even in the first Super Battle Opera in 2003. As the fighting game scene stagnated in the mid 2000′s, he found other interests outside of Street Fighter but that proved to only last a few years. The advent of GGPO and HD Remix brought him back to the scene that he loves and hasn’t left yet. A psychology major at San Diego State University, he took a different career path, deciding to go into designing video games and worked on EverQuest for 15 years and now is focusing on Front End Web Development.  He organized four large tournaments at EVO between 2012 and 2014 (Tournament of Legends, ST Games, Tournament of Legends II and X-Mania USA).  He designed the ST Revival website and maintains it, also does the graphic design work.  Though he has retired from organizing tournaments, he still enjoys being a part of ST Revival and giving back to the community that he has been a part of for so many years.  He has passed the torch for tournament duties over to eltrouble.


Head Tournament Organizer

Eugene “eltrouble” Lin is a born-and-raised resident of Los Angeles and supporter of the Super Turbo scene in Southern California. His gaming history started off with classic NES and SNES games back in the 90s, but really started to get into more competitive games with first-person shooters. The bulk of his teenage gaming years was spent with Quake 3 Arena, Half Life DM, Team Fortress Classic, and every version of Counterstrike to exist. Like most kids born in the 80s, he grew up playing SF2 in various donut shops, liquor stores, and 7-11s, but stopped once the arcade scene started to die down during the mid-to-late 90s. He started playing fighting games competitively in November 2011, around the same time when Watson took over his local arcade, and has been playing ST ever since. Since befriending Muffin Man, he has assisted with TO work both at small local tourneys and large scale majors, and will continue to provide support to bolster and maintain the ST scene.


Database Guy

Brendan “hanasu” O’Dowd is from Worcester, MA and started playing Super Turbo in 2012. He played on console as a kid but was too young to be around for the heyday of Street Fighter in the arcades. Brendan plays ST mostly for fun and the community and enjoys volunteering his help to the fighting game community in whatever way he can. In his spare time, Brendan collects arcade boards and fixes arcade/video game hardware as well as devoting time to updating the ST Revival Video Database. You can visit Game Underground in Natick, MA to play on his cabinets. He speaks “passable” Japanese and looks forward to returning to Japan to compete. Follow him on Twitter and on YouTube where he posts ST footage and other classic gaming videos.